The Liminos Project

The Mission of The Liminos Project is to achieve, through theatre performance development, artistic, social and economic freedom in a shared liminal space.

As a project of Lemniscate Arts, Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization,  The Liminos Project works to promote inclusivity and understanding and our organization actively and critically examines our practices in recognition of the interconnectedness of our evolving world.  Hence, The Liminos Project does not discriminate against any person or group of people in our hiring/employment/volunteering practices or in the administration of programs and services on the basis of any group characteristic, including those prohibited by law, such as ethnicity or national origin, skin tone, sexual orientation or gender identity, religious affiliation, disability or other prohibited category.

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The grace of folktales is to mix insight into earthiness
until the thick material world becomes transparent.

- Peter Oswald, playwright, co-founder of The Liminos Project

The Liminos Project currently has in development a series in the English language, adapting ancient folk and fairy tales from around the world into short audio plays, reflecting the timeless, universal wisdom and magic all around us. Our Luminos Liminos Tales series will be ongoing on YouTube. It is an act of preservation, as so many of these ancient stories are dying globally with those that carry them. It is also an act of inspiration, awakening in modern children of all ages the grace, brightness and depth of the Spiritual World that speaks to humans through folk culture and art.    

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The Liminos Project is committed to respecting and welcoming all people. We most emphatically reject discrimination on any basis and actively work towards mutual understanding and positive engagement;  with true interest in the uniqueness of every individual.